By Helen Schucman*

My soul is still. It does not know the thoughts

My mind imagines. It does not perceive

My meaningless endeavors, nor the goals

Of sin and madness in which I believe.

Immovable my soul remains, and sure

Of immortality, in peace so deep

That all the shocks I feel can not come near

Its limitless tranquility. I sleep,

and dream of evil and decay and death,

Of which my soul knows nothing. Perfectly

It rests in its Creator and in me.


*Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles, was also a poet and wrote several poems even while she was scribing A CourseThe Gifts of God in Miracles. This poem, "STILLNESS", was dated November 3, 1971 and is located in the section called: "Early Poems" in a book of Helen's poems titled, "The Gifts of God" published by the Foundation for Inner Peace [FIP]. The book is available through FIP, through the Community Miracles Center CMC and through Course in Miracles Society CIMS



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