By Jacqueline Okun*

In this moment, an opportunity arises to choose remorse

All the while my ego debates the concept of no separation

between the Holy Spirit and me. I choose once again to stay on course.

As the gift of clarity reveals my true connection

to God, the One, I am reminded of my true recourse.

Warmly, embraced by the arms of love’s resurrection

I AM secure in disregarding my ego’s thunderous roar

For the truth is one with me, my one true direction.

While ego plans some cunning deeds I abhor,

I am now aware of ego’s desire to keep me constrained

By confusing me, shackling me in the chains

Of guilt and sorrow self-pity and pain.

To break free from this cycle, I am free to choose once again.


*Jacqueline Okun is a Course in Miracles student and attends the Course in MiraclJacqueline Okunes Society ACIM Study Group every Sunday at Unity of Omaha; Ms Okun is a counselor in private practice in Omaha, NE as well as a Licensed Independent Mental Health Therapist, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.

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