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QUESTION: "The Course talks quite a bit about perception and projection, making it sound like we see things that are not really there. Can you give me a tangible example?"

I recently wrote an article on my website that answers this question, which I titled:

"A(n almost) Perfect lesson for Course Students and Teachers." 

Rather than start with all the reasons this is an example of a perfect lesson, I will relate them as we reach them.  This lesson contains the aspects of:
  • observation,
  • perception,
  • reaction,
  • judgment,
  • projection,
  • interpretation and ultimately
  • forgiveness.  

Ok, I gave away the list, but they may not be obvious as the lesson progresses.  I will point them out as we go.

While you may initially vehemently disagree, I guarantee that you will be totally wrong about something.  Count on it.  Make careful note of your observations...they are critical to the lesson, and your learning.  Most important, be honest with yourself as we progress.  Also, don't get upset about anything...you have been set up!!

First we are going to take a brief look at a sketch.   Our purpose is to observe as much as we can in the sketch in about 5 seconds.   You are going to be responsible for your own timing. Only you can control how long the sketch is available for viewing so be fair, and be honest.

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After viewing the sketch you are directed to click the picture to continue to the rest of the article.

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Once led to engage in full time ministrRobert (Bob) Searsy as a Course teacher, Bob opted to become and independent non-denominational minister so that he could teach a pure version of ACIM without the need to satisfy any particular denominational tenets.  Bob, originally from NY, now reside s in Southern California where he teaches in churches and home settings.  More on Bob can be found on his http://www.rdsears.com

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