Perfect Happiness Now

By Jon Mundy, PhD*

Photo from www.silentfeathers.com

A day of grace is given me

And now I do clearly see it.


There is a light my eyes see not

And yet my mind beholds it.


Now do I see there is no loss

When I have left illusion


The world holds nothing that I want

And so my choice is clear.


I find it not by leaving here

But in The Mind - Eternal.


There is a place of timelessness,

Where love endures forever.


Here losing is impossible.

And vengeance has no meaning.


Here God speaks clearly to his Son.

And now his Son does answer.


God's Will is perfect happiness

Why choose against Myself?


God's Will is perfect happiness

For all sisters and all brothers.


God's Will is perfect happiness

For all who will declare it.


There is now nothing left to find

Perfection has been given.


I move now forward Home to God.

Now is the last step certain.


*Jon Mundy, PhD is the publisher of "Miracles Magazine" and author of, "Awaken To Your Own Call: A Comprehensive Introduction to A Course in Miracles"; "What is Mysticism?"; "Missouri Mystic"; "Listening To Your Inner Guide" as well as "The Ten Laws of Happiness". He is Senior Minister Emeritus of Interfaith Fellowship in New York City as well as international lecturer and standup comedian. Schedule of Jon's Speaking Events is here.

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