Uh Wah Ha Ha Haa

By martin weber-caspers [maz]*




And God speaks

"All man

Free at last”

UH Wah Ha Ha Haa

Rise to the New Creation.

UH Wah Ha Ha Haa

The Almighty Speaks

"Peace to all Creation”

UH Wah Ha Ha Haa

The Joy and endless Bliss

To all Galaxies

To Earth He speaks,

His Son is One

Free at Last!

[The new era is here.]

[End to all slavery]

[End to all hate]

[End to all war]

[End to all fear]

UH Wah Ha Ha Haa

Man rises from death

The Second Coming

Free Be my Sons

The Universe of Universes Speaks

"Free at Last”

"My People One At Last”

UH Wah Ha Ha Haa

These words are written with awe. Praise to our Creator, endless Praise, and us, His Son. This writing is an attempt to communicate what was revealed to me during my NDE.

The major part of the experience was beyond what I could possible report. I assume my being was emerged in Knowledge outside of the realm of perception. The other parts were less abstract, which means to say I had an observing capability, and while the experience happened I was aware, aware of the movement and total ecstasy of Creation and Communication. It is not possible to describe the experience beyond what is written here now, but it is important enough to try.

Both, the suffering of mankind was amplified to then rise in an ecstatic Birth of a New Galaxy or era. My body was emerged and included in this gigantic, greater than great, lighter than light, holier than holy Sacred communion of creator and Creation.

The visual perceptions did not include specific meetings with specific beings or realms. There was the Knowing that God Almighty Speaks. He spoke God and all Universes trembled with joy. “Free at last!” This was repeated several times. At the same time I was God's Son speaking “God Almighty!” and voicing !Free at Last!”

I sensed a direct connection to the current atomic outburst, but also to The City of Jerusalem. The Universe of Universes birthed the declaration of Freedom for Mankind and all galactic kin.

So much unspeakable and endless Joy! My body which was laying on its back was used in rhythmic patterns that would move in both directions. My mouth was used to both, speak and produce sacred syllables and sounds. Everything was light, everything was Freedom and endlessly playfully creating Bliss. This experience was like a trillion atomic explosions, and felt like the release of all guilt, hate and fear one can ever imagine in one single instant after another.

A deep Knowing resides. The Universe cares and frees us, as us. This is definitely my strongest Enlightened Experience I ever had. If I could only speak of it eloquently! I am so tremendously grateful for this Gift of God.

*Maz is currently the voice in the AUDIO and VIDEO SonShipRadio productions of the
Daily Lessons of
A Course In Miracles, Original Edition [OE]. Maz is also project lead on the
current translations, ensuring that the
OE will be shared globally; As chairman of the Curtis Knight Foundation he produces local radio programs, internet radio shows and other endeavors to promote and support miracle-mindedness and co-creativity on a broader scale.


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