Love Song

By Helen Schucman*

"Love Song" is set to Music here by martin weber-caspers

My Lord, my Love, my Life, I live in you.   

There is no life apart from what you are. 

I breathe your words, I rest upon your arms. 

My sight is hallowed by your single star.


I do not always recognize your face,

Or hear your Voice. I do not always see 

The strangers whom you send are messengers

You choose to bring your holy Word to me. 


You are the stranger then. And I am dead 

To holy things that Heaven's light shines through. 

The world I see is enemy to me

When I forget my lovely Love is you.


Forgetting you is to forget myself,

Why I have come and where it is I go.

My Lord, my Love, my Life, let me forget

All things except the loveliness you know.

"Love Song" is set to Music here by martin weber-caspers


*Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles, was also a poet and wrote several poems even while she was scribing A CourseThe Gifts of God in Miracles. This poem, "LOVE SONG", was dated January 8, 1977 and is located in the section called: "Personal Poems" in a book of Helen's poems titled, "The Gifts of God" published by the Foundation for Inner Peace [FIP]. The book is available through FIP, through the Community Miracles Center CMC and through Course in Miracles Society CIMS



*Maz is currently the voice for the Original Edition [OE] of A Course In Miracles, produced by SonShipRadio. Maz serves the OE so that it can be shared globally; and as chairman of the Curtis Knight Foundation he produces local radio programs, internet radio shows and other endeavors to promote and support co-creativity on a broader scale.                        

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