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What Is A Course in Miracles ~ by Robert Perry and the Circle of Atonement
What Exactly IS the 'Original Edition'?
ACIM ~ Comparison Between Versions
Why there are PEARLS embracing the ACIM Original Edition (OE)
All about the Scribe ~ Helen Schucman [Rare recording of Helen's voice]
Article on the Earlier Versions and Editing of the Course
First Thoughts about ACIM Original Edition (OE)
How Jesus Got His Copyright Back" ~ Michael Braunstein [TIMELINE]
Comparison between OE & FIP editions [pdf]
Comparison between UrText, HLC & FIP editions [pdf]
Clarification of Quotes & Terms in the Bible as Presented in ACIM ~ Rev Jerry Cusimano
Cross Reference: OE to FIP ~ Cross Reference: FIP to OE
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