Scribed By Brent Haskell*


            "Journey Beyond Words: A Companion to The Workbook of The Course" is a discussion of A COURSE IN MIRACLES by JESHUA as  scribed by Brent Haskell, PhD, D.O. It was first published in 1994 and has also been recorded as an Audio Book by the late Reverend Kellie Love.  

The following are excerpts from "Journey Beyond Words" and also  links to the excerpts that are on the CD. These segments exquisitely describe the message of Oneness, beyond 'Thought', that was experienced by Dr. Eben Alexander and written about in his book,
"Proof of Heaven".  


EXCERPT: "Beyond your thinking, beyond the thoughts you think you thiink, beyond that which you think you see, it is not emptiness. It is awareness. P. 18  Thoughts As Images 

EXCERPT: "But do not lose sight of the fact that you WILL, ultimately, free yourself of the illusion of a separate mind which harbors separate thoughts. Then shall be yours the peace of Oneness, and the joy that is born out of experience unhindered by the judgment of thought." P. 25  Thoughts Are Not Neutral 


EXCERPT: "So when I suggest to you, 'Don't think, simply experience,' Your self (ego) realizes that what I am suggesting is that it die. In your world of concepts and thoughts, this is indeed, a very threatening thing. In fact, this fear of the death of your 'self' is most certainly the major block you all have to the 'willingness' of which I speak in A COURSE IN MIRACLES." P.119 Oneness  

EXCERPT: "And as you explore your life with freedom and with love, you shall touch the Mind of God, and find your One Self. and in your knowledge that that is all you can be, so shall it be." P.127 Oneness 

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EXCERPT: Thoughts Are Not Neutral

           EXCERPT: Oneness                                 


* Dr. Brent Haskell, Ph.D., D.O. has published messages from Jeshua in this book, The Journey Beyond Words: A Companion to The Workbook of The Course, 1994 and The Other Voice: A Companion to The Text of The Course Chapters 1-15 1997

Brent Haskell

1997. These books are published by DeVorss, Marina del Rey, CA. and were received as companions to A Course in Miracles.  


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