I Am Love
by Paul West [& Holy Spirit]*




  War has ended and is no more. It never was. Peace exists, here and now. I am surrounded only by the loving presence of my creator. I am an extension of peace. Peace is all I want and all I have. There is no disturbance or problem to fix. There are no worries or concerns or things gone wrong. Nothing is out of place. Nothing needs attending to. There is no work to be done. All loose ends are completed. All loss has been corrected. Everyone is reunited in a wholeness of love. All wounds have healed and all damage is undone. Here there is only the peace of God.

I believed in war and ends and sacrifice and let it run my mind. I used conflict to separate and openly welcomed my destruction. I wanted to destroy myself. I wanted loss and pain and agony over and over again. I didn't believe myself worthy of forgiveness. I thought I'd sinned forever. But I was simply mistaken. There is no war. There has been no loss, end or sacrifice. No love has died. Love is alive and I am alive. All are One, joined in peace, and peace is of God always.

I welcome the peace of God for it offers me sanctuary. I welcome peace of mind for it satisfies my needs. I allow there to be nothing that I want or need other than God. I let the presence of stillness touch my heart and fill me with rest and calm. I am at peace. I relinquish all worries. I give up all thoughts of my own. I surrender to the ever-present love. I let myself receive God's love and allow it to flow through me. I let myself be loved. I let there be love and let there be peace and peace is all there is.

All noise has gone away. There is calm and rest. Everything has settled. All turbulence has melted into calm. I relax and let go. I soften and trust I am supported. God loves me! There is love here now, with me. It fills me and surrounds me. I am worthy of this love and I let it love me. I allow love to be here now. I love myself by allowing God to love me. I can allow myself to love because love is all I need. God loves me now.

Peace fills every part of my being and washes away all thoughts of concern. The rough landscape of my mind melts and soothes and gives way to a mellow tranquility. There is calm here now. There is quiet. My mind is still and needs to go nowhere. I give up all worldly concerns, worries and doubts. I put all of this into the hands of the Holy Spirit to manage for me. I don't have to carry the weight of the world on my own. He is here, and I can let go.

Holy Spirit help me now, take into your hands my concerns. My trivial thoughts, my addictive worries. My constant condemnations. Take all of this from me and melt it away in your loving innocent light. Soothe all the aches and pains and upsets in my mind. Calm my perception and unjudge what I have attacked. Clear my mind of all self-guilt and bring out the sunshine of love. Shine on me, shine though me, let me rejoin you in peace. I can trust you Holy Spirit, now and always, to be the light in which I rest.

I let go. I let go. I let go and allow.


I release the world and let it be. I don't need it to be the way I think. I let go of all requirements and expectations. I release it and let its myriad forms be as they are. I stop fixing. I stop solving. I stop seeing problems. I stop judging things as wrong. I don't know how anything should be. I can't correct anyone or anything. I need Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and I allow Him to guide me now. Holy Spirit fill me with peace and restore my mind corrected. I let go and allow you to help me now.

I let go of the world and let myself be. I let go of attacks and let myself be. I let go of judgments and let myself be. I can be as I am without self-abuse. All around me is peace and light. All through me is peace and light. I ease and relax into the loving calm of God's love. I let myself go and trust I am safe. I welcome the peace that is here for me. I welcome the peace of God and let it be here for me. I am at peace in God forever and this peace is my home.

I Am Love is a series of practical forgiveness books, applying the principles of forgiveness as taught in A Course in Miracles.
I Am Love 
Paul West 

I Am Love was written as a healing process for the author as a way of applying forgiveness for himself. The writing of the book did produce healing, emotional releases and an expanded awareness and trust of Holy Spirit, Jesus and God. You are encouraged to use this book for applying forgiveness in your own life, joining first with Holy Spirit or Jesus to allow and accept their guidance, correction and support.



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