God's Little Lost Ray

By Ed Schmersal*

God had an idea. "I will expand my Love everywhere and always:' And thus God said "Let there be light!" and the light expanded everywhere and for always, never forgetting its source. The light had total freedom to create like its source, and was conscious of its own being. One little light ray had an idea, "what if I was special? Would God acknowledge my own separate creation?"

Suddenly with a big bang a universe appeared in the mind of the little light ray.The little ray split into a multitude of colors from warm lighter to cold darker colors. Each colored splinter of light had a choice to become a wave or a particle. Time and space came about since the little light ray's creation lacked God's true power and consent to be everywhere and always!

The little light ray's fantasy grew and kept growing to include more time and more space seeming falling into a self absorbed separation from God. Some of the darker color splinters seemed so dark they were almost like black holes, or an empty shell. In God's true realm there are no holes or empty shells, only wholeness! Some colors formed cliques, these "primary" colors looked down upon what they considered "secondary" colors. Some of the lighter colors still retained faded memories of their source and searched the dark skies for a sign, possibly a bright star to reveal "the truth". The dark colors mocked them saying, "what is truth?"

God immediately sensed a lack of communication from one of His little rays and sent His comforter to gently awake His lost ray from his fantasy dream. The separation was not a loss of perfection, but only a failure in communication. The lost ray had ventured into a foreign land and was in danger of squandering his Father's inheritance so intervention was necessary. The comforter, being the voice for God said, "judge not for you can't, it would be an injustice, for God gave the same inheritance to all!"

The comforter could reflect the pure Love of God and could see only white, the colors were "legion" but the comforter saw only "One" He than said, "NOW is the time for salvation, for NOW is the release from time. To be born again is to let the past go, and look without condemnation upon the present.The comforter manifested a ray so pure and white in the universe of time and space that this would be the way-shower and form the bridge back home to God.

The pure white light shone so bright that the other lights, mainly the darker cold lights couldn't stand up against it.The pure white light of God doesn't attack but merely shines away all the other colors to reveal God's truth "All is One."

Then the little ray awoke from the dream realizing he was always safe at home with God and only dreaming!

*Ed has read through ACIM several times and wrote down key verses to carry with him. After accumulating about seven pages of notes he thEd Schersalought there must be an easier way! One night he was awakened in the middle of the night with this story called "God's Little Lost Ray" He wrote it down so he wouldn't forget. His wife Susan drew pictures to go along with the story.  He now can carry it with him while he drives a bus for the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Sometimes between routes he reads it and finds peace of mind!  

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