From Tragic to Magic


Brothers, awaken from your dream.

There is no thing to fear.
Life is not toil, nothing to get
For all that is, IS YOU.
And if you BE All-There-Is
Then you have ALL as YOU.

Stand straight, walk tall, discard your burdens, fly.
For fly you can,
But if you dream your wings be small,
How can you lift to heights where eagles soar?

Do not compensate your dream of lack
With things within the dream.
Your Being is your sustenance.
Do not disavow your heritage,
For it is yours to take.
Come, and leave your battlefields,
Their harvest is but fruits of fear
With further seeds of fear.

The ONE who loves you
More than you can love yourself,
Who knows you but as children
Having lost their way,
He calls you home.
He sees only innocence
Where you see guilt and sin.
Counsel not your dream for answers,
Cling to it no more,
For that is all you lose,
Just disenchantment, broken dreams.

Awaken now and dream no more!

*Excerpt from "God I AM: From Tragic to Magic" written by Peter O Erbe. "It is the purpose of this material to develop the magnificent tool of True Perception, with which we align ourselves for the birth into the dawn of a new day in creation, the Age of Love." More information here 

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