Give Me Love

By Rosemarie Souders*

Give me love beyond my thoughts, and hope beyond my seeing...

For the eyes I have cannot compare to the beauty of my vision...

I know not what I'm doing or what I now can see,

For all of life has come and gone but remains for me to see...

I hold the Truth within my heart, I hold it for you too,

Take my hand, allow me to give this love to you....


*Rose is a regular participant of our DAILY LESSON CONFERENCE CALLS and has recently shared:

"Through learning from ACIM, I've learned what love can be
and that is what I want to Roseshare with others. Knowing Rev. Pamela and Rev. Reja Joy and all the others from the Conference Calls has helped me tremendously to awaken to the beauty of what the Course teaches.  I've learned that I am NOT the teacher but always the student."


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