By Helen Schucman*

I did not die. In rising up I did

But stay the same. Eternity had come

To claim its own from the embrace of time

and bitter kiss of death. I but came home

After a journey so diminutive

that Heaven never noticed it began 

Nor ended. Unencumbered , changelessly,

the Christ united with the Son of man,

And what belonged to God returned to Him.

Think not the Holy Spirit waits for death

To offer you the gifts God gave to Him,

Or Heaven rests upon a failing breath.


I did not die. Appearances of hate

Enveloped Me. Illusions veiled My eyes

and stopped My heart. Earth's dream closed over Me,

and that was all. The Son of God must rise

Above all dreams of fear. Would God allow

The Son who is like Him to separate

From life that is Himself? His Comforter

Came down to lift Me up within his great

And silent wings. The peace of God unbound

My hands and feet. For who can stop the Heart

Of God Himself, or veil the eyes that watch

His Son in mercy, or make Him depart

From what is but Himself?



by Martin Weber-Caspers [maz]

Maz SINGS some of Helen's poem beautifully, and sets them to his MUSIC.

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Love Song / The Risen Sun / Awaken in Stillness / The Glory Train 

*Maz is currently the voice for the Original Edition [OE] of A Course In Miracles, produced by SonShipRadio. Maz serves the OE so that it can be shared globally; and as chairman of the Curtis Knight Foundation he produces local radio programs, internet radio shows and other endeavors to promote and support co-creativity on a broader scale.

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*Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles, was also a poet wrote several poems even while she was scribing A Course The Gifts of God in Miracles. This poem, "EASTER", was dated November 11, 1974 and is located in the section called: "Later Poems" in a book of Helen's poems titled, "The Gifts of God" published by the Foundation for Inner Peace [FIP]. The book is available through FIP, through the Community Miracles Center CMC and through Course in Miracles Society CIMS

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