Bad Lesson Practice

By Reverend Tony Ponticello*

I wake up

"Where is my energy?"

I push to get out of bed

Stumble to the kitchen

Put a fire under the coffee pot

prepared the night before

Coffee ready just in time

My Lesson partner calls

We read our Course Lesson together

While we do our five minute meditation

I sip my coffee

Is that allowed?

I must be cheating

"Bad lesson practice"

But there are walking meditations

There are breathing meditations

There are candle meditations

Mindful-ness meditations

I choose coffee meditations

Armed with my thought of the day

and ample caffeine

The world seems a brighter place

My energy is back

I walk determined to the shower

With renewed sense of purpose

I stumble no longer

Was it the lesson?

Was it the caffeine?

Is this bad lesson practice?

Meaningless questions asked by my ego

For now I have work to do

Holy Spirit inspired special functions to fulfill

Brothers and sisters to heal

Lesson practice is lesson practice

"Good" or "bad" are ego judgments

*Rev. Tony Ponticello has been a dedicated student of A Course In Miracles for over 31 year. He has taught ACIM steadily since he facilitated his first ACIM group in 1983. In 1987 he was one of the co-founders of the Community Miracles Center, and he has served as their Executive Minister ever since. He is the editor of the CMC's printed on paper publication Miracles Monthly that just celebrated its 308th issue in 308 months. He is the web master of the CMC's vast and informative ACIM resource, web site. Rev. Tony is the chief organizer and inspiration behind the large bi-annual ACIM conferences organized by the CMC, the next one being scheduled for Chicago in April of 2013 themed "A Gift of Lilies." He is the author of the book After Enlightenment that was published in 2008.

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