Autumn Colors

By David Heslop*

That place that time forgot, 

So gentile and begot, 

An airflow breeze thru the trees, 

Rustling underfoot. 

Head held high and nostrils wide, 

With squinted eyes to take the eventide, 

The rainbows of the tainted leaves, 

Dancing in the sunset skies. 
Makes me look into my lover's eyes, 

So many thoughts of thy, 

That dazzles upon the brow; 

Like the reflections on the Dells, 

Glinting silver streaks that glow,

That hushes heaven so.


How I love thee,

How I be thee,

How I am thee.

From David Heslop:

"A Course In Miracles came to me in a very profound way. I always valued two things above all else. Love and Happiness. From a young age it was obvious that the world was imperfect, and to try to elude to perfection would be a frustration. There was a moment in my life when even Love and Happiness 'as I knew it' would fail me. At that point of complete desperation. I called for help, I asked the Universe 'HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE PLEEASEEEEEE - HOW COULD I HAVE GOT THINGS SO WRONG'.


"Help was immediate. The Course came to me in next to no time, by coincidence.


"It was so profound. I knew that I could not do the Course of Miracles by myself. A large part of the Course is written in iambic pentameter. It is a masterpiece that has been given to us from outside time. Its prose is clear, with a simple message that is re-iterated.This Poem came from a creative class workshop last year and was transcribed the day before the class from an experience of walking through the Autumn Colors of the Wisconsin Dells."


                   "There is no such thing as luck or coincidence".

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