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         Recently I came across a commentary called, "I See Him as a Friend" on the Circle of Atonement website written by Greg Mackie. Greg was commenting on an article which had appeared in the British Newspaper THE GUARDIAN in September 2012.   


         The article in the Guardian was written by Renee Napier and was titled: "Experience: I Forgave the Man Who Killed My Daughter" The sub-note was: 'I wasn't letting him off easily, or betraying Meagan. I was doing it for myself: I didn't want to go through the rest of my life consumed by bitterness'


         Renee writes a truly heartfelt article about her experience of losing her 20 year old daughter in a car accident with Eric, a drunk driver. We share this article as an exquisite example of the gifts that forgiveness bestows on everyone.  It actually falls in line beautifully with the musical currently in our local theaters. [Here is a link to a beautiful audio clip: "Les Miserables"]. Over and over we see the gifts that come from seeing another with the eyes of Christ.   


          Renee wrote: "At the sentencing, all the family members had a chance to read their own statements. Eric's mother said he'd been suicidal after the crash, and I realized he had been deeply affected by the deaths, too. He wasn't a heartless sociopath. He was an intelligent young man from a loving family. He hadn't planned to hurt anyone that night; he'd simply made a stupid, devastating decision. In a way, he'd lost his life, too. So, at the end of my statement, I turned to the man who'd killed my daughter. 'Eric,' I said, 'I forgive you.'  I could see the shock and confusion on his face, and I felt the knot in my stomach unravel and my anger ebb away." 

         At that time, Renee wrote that she still wanted to see him punished for what he did. Even though the judge had handed him a sentence of 11 years for each count, a total of 22 years and Eric was being sent to a maximum security prison, Renee did not have peace, just sadness.  

        After the sentencing, Eric, who was responsible for the death of this woman's 20 year old daughter told her, if he could, he would give his life in exchange. He vowed to spend his life making amends and he continued to write to her.    

        Four years later Renee met Eric face to face and Eric got to thank her for forgiving him. On that same day Renee stood with Eric's mother and was successful in reducing Eric's sentence.

         This heartbroken mother writes how she went from initially wanting revenge, to wanting to see a show of remorse, to finally seeing the situation with Vision which allowed her to see her daughter's killer as her friend.  


           Eventually Eric would join with Renee, as she gave talks about the consequences of drunk driving; his testimony and his shackles would speak volumes.    


         At the time of Renee's article in September 2012, Eric was due to be released the next month. Renee ends her article by saying:  


        "I genuinely hope he rebuilds his life and finds happiness. I no longer see him as my daughter's killer. I see him as my friend." 


           We are also sharing at this time, the work of Joe Wolfe, and his organization
Spirit Light Outreach. Joe works tirelessly towards bringing A Course in Miracles as well as other books to prisoners who request them. He is a former inmate himself and is author of Letter to A Prisoner.    


         The following is a short article by Joe Wolfe, founder of SPIRIT LIGHT OUTREACH as it appeared on FreedomInside.com


Spiritual Prisoners

Spirit Light Outreach
by Joe Wolfe


Spirit Light Outreach was founded by an ex-prisoner specifically with the intention to deliver spiritual inspiration (free books, etc.,) to prisoners.


Some of the books that are provided include the full
1,300 page original edition of A Course in Miracles. This wonderful message has changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people throughout the world.


Other books we offer are the works of Dr. David R. Hawkins, Gary Renard, Marianne Williamson, Jon Mundy, Byron Katie and others as well as my own.


Any prisoner may request to be listed with Spirit Light Outreach simply by sending us a request at the address posted below. Express permission must be granted before we will post any names.  


If you are requesting a book, please be sure to indicate your prison's mail policies and guidelines. Prisoners may also request a subscription to The Miracles Magazine, which is based on A Course In Miracles.


Love, Light and the Peace of God,
Joe Wolfe, Founder and ex-prisoner.


Write to
Spirit light Outreach, Joe Wolfe
c/o American Chiropractic
8951 Cermac Rd., North Riverside, IL. 60546 


Course In Miracles Society
7602 Pacific Street, Suite 200
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