The Dream Imagined
by Robyn Busfield*


Art by Walfrido

I look back at my journey with A Course in Miracles, and I realize just how far I have come. A little bit of willingness has brought me a long way. My life has taken many twists, many turns. And today I watch as it levels out - balances out. Just what I had hoped for, more peace, more balance.

However, it has little meaning today. Though I appreciate the balance and newfound peace; this change, this shift, has little meaning. That is how my life has changed. Much of the meaning I have given to this world has fallen away. I still get a shake up at times, to remind me to keep forgiving and keep moving toward Home. But each shake up is always received in appreciation today. I realize it is a good thing—an opportunity to continue undoing the false self. In light of my newfound peace and balance, I give full testament to Holy Spirit - my Spiritual Self within.

I look back at all the twists and turns that brought me to where I am today and I see Holy Spirit there every step of the way, beckoning me, calling me, and encouraging me. Sometimes the Voice flows directly from within, and sometimes seemingly through a brother. Holy Spirit has never left me stranded. But then I made the choice at some point to no longer leave the Holy Spirit stranded also. A mutual agreement. One that had to be met. It was God-written. Holy Spirit met His part of the agreement when God summoned His role in the atonement. He had been calling to my frightened lost soul ever since.

My part in the agreement was met a number of years back. I heard the calling and I listened. For the first time I really listened. I stopped in my tracks, and began to talk to this Voice that finally got my attention. It was like a celebration within when I came to realize there was a connection to an Inner Self, aka Holy Spirit, that I had been ignoring all this lifetime. A part that delivered God-knowledge 24/7. What a trip. Here I was thinking I had it all figured out. And along came my relationship with Holy Spirit, and then, in time, I came to realize that I truly knew nothing! The “me” that I knew for this lifetime suddenly became transparent. I could see right through this ghost-like self. I could see right through the mistaken beliefs. I could see the innocent self. The fraudulent self. Busted! As I looked closer though, I realized how sweet was I, the false I, the one that was so mistaken. A mere belief in its own illusional existence. An innocent mistake; one that seemingly happened.

Now with the truth upon me, I see the split-off self the Course talks about. The split-off self is nothing more than an “imagined” self. A self that I believed myself to be, for a majority of this lifetime. It’s ok though. I was merely mistaken. Nothing more than that. Now, as time seemingly slips away, there is much “belief” to hand over. Many, many ideas, meanings, labels and tags to hand over. A reinterpretation from Holy Spirit has been provided. It is here. And the reinterpretation is that all these zillions of different meanings that the ‘false I’ have offered to everything around me, all the objects, all of the forms that seem to exist around me, are literally false. All of it. There is no duality. There is no split off. There is no separation. There are no walls. There is only Oneness. Openness. My walls are down. They only existed in my imagination. My limitedness only existed in my imagination.

The day Holy Spirit was able to reveal that to me; that this is all in my mind, all in my imagination, was a moment when I gasped. And then I smiled. And then I laughed. There is no darkness. There is no ego. There is no world. I was April-fooled. And who did this? No-one. There is no-one out there to do anything to me. It was a tiny mad idea I bought into, and didn’t buy out of until I finally began to listen to the Voice for God. I April-fooled myself! How hilarious. How cool. How innocent. How funny is that!

Thank God for our brother’s who take this journey with us. The ones we claim are separate from our self. They are beckoning us to awaken. Every word, every motion is a call to remember. The false-self sees certain words as attack. But the eyes of love see every word as a summons. There is nothing negative here. Only Godness. Yes, that is not a spelling error. Godness. Godness is everywhere. There is nothing outside of us that we look upon. We are always looking at God. God is everywhere. There is nowhere God is not. We need only look to every brother, every seeming separate idea and look instead for God. And the veil lifts. The limitations go puff! And they fall away. Godness is everywhere. When we are willing, God will say hi. It may be in a smile. A handshake. When we look for God, God is all we will see! This is what forgiveness means!


I watched a movie recently about the holocaust. It was called “Wallenberg – A Hero’s Story.” While I watched it I became very angry at a German Commander who said his life mission was to have as many Jews killed as possible. I was outraged. I knew this required forgiveness. But the ego voice spoke up and said, “This is their forgiveness - the Jews and the people that were there. This was 70 years ago - This is not something to forgive today!” I stopped in my tracks, and tossed those ego thoughts out of my head. I knew that they were coming from the frightened child within, afraid of looking at this seeming catastrophe. As I quieted my mind, I turned to Holy Spirit and said, “Show me how I can forgive this. Show me how I can see this differently. The gentle Voice answered me, and said, “Look closely at this Robyn. Look very closely at this. Do it for the whole.”

I stepped back, and I looked very closely at the holocaust. I looked at the Commander in charge and his orders for killing the Jews, the Jews being killed, and most of all, the little Jewish boy who died in his Mother’s arms because he was left out in the freezing cold all night. I took a close look at it all. And I stilled my frightened child within. I went deeper, where the frightened little child is unable to go. I left it far behind. As I dove deeper, the beautiful Holy Spirit took over, and revealed the Truth. The beautiful Truth. It came pouring through.

I gasped as I realized that this all happened in my mind, in my imagination, in my dream and as I looked with Holy Spirit I saw that there was in fact no Commander in charge. There were no Jews being killed. And there was no time period in the 40’s when this event ever took place! There was no holocaust! There was no world war II and there was no world war I. In fact there is no time and no history, and instead it is all my dream, and is all seemingly playing itself out from that original tiny mad idea of separation—the idea that we could possibly be separate from Love. All the historical stories are just that-stories! They are just stories I have made up and are all part of this dream I am having. The Holy Son of God is sleeping and dreaming and imagining and none of it is Real. It is all a dream!

Wow, I felt my whole being relax and soften. The Holy Spirit then showed me the innocence of the Commander in charge within this illusionary experience. I saw his Soul’s courage to play his part so well in this script. And I saw the innocence and courage of every Jew’s Soul. I saw Soul’s everywhere playing their part in this awakening. Beckoning, calling, harmonizing together in heaven’s song. Singing to the world to awaken. The One awakening Itself! Wow, what a gift.

I am ever so grateful for this realization. This realization has opened my eyes to see that we are all in this together, all of us. And that each of us have our script and each of us play our parts to assist the other, whether it is a victim role that we play or a victimizer role that we play. None of it matters. The imagined seeming split-off self is playing its part—to wake up the one sleeping Child of God. I cried out to Holy Spirit, “I see my false self!”

Yet I am also seeing my True Self arising now amidst the storm of temptation. What a beautiful gift. To know I am so much more than I ever imagined myself to be. That we are all so much more than I ever imagined us to be. “Imagined” is a key word. For it is ALL in my imagination! All of it: The whole world and all of the worldly events; the seeming challenges along the way; All the seeming separation. I am responsible for the whole. We are responsible for the whole. No one is to blame for anything at all. There are no sinners. There is no world. There is only the dream.

My eyes are opening and I am remembering. And this journey continues to unfold. I am forever grateful for the players in this dream, for every brother, no matter what part they play. It is all to assist in the return of our memory. I am so grateful for A Course in Miracles, I am so grateful for Christ - Holy Spirit -My Savior -My Self.

*Robyn Busfield For more information please visit: www.robynbusfield.com

Robert D Sears

 Robyn is a student and teacher of “A Course in Miracles.” During her first year of the Workbook lessons, she was inspired to relay her personal journey through the lessons. She shares this personal journey in her book, "FORGIVENESS IS THE HOME OF MIRACLES".  



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